Silkscreen Printing

Silk Screen Printing, one of the more popular and commonly requested fabric printing technique used to customized Tee Shirts, Caps and other apparels… It is known for its unrivaled printing quality that are durable and with colours that does not fade easily.

The reason for the durability is because it uses the stencil method. The added pressure from the squeegee forces the ink into the fabric where it absorb and integrate into the fabric. Making the imprinted graphics and images hard to wash away or when respond to physical contact.

The printing size can be done from as a small area over a pocket to the entire front or the back of the Tee Shirt. Thus, it is often used to print images that require covering large area of the Tee Shirt such as A4 and A3 sizes.

How is pricing determined in silkscreen printing?

Pricing is based on print design’s number of colours used and size of the print. As the initial set up cost is the same for printing E.g. 1 or 100 pieces. Thus, it is cheaper to print in in larger quantities from 100 pieces onwards.

Tips: Apparel Printing using this method can be costly if your desired image for print consists of full colours with low quantity. Hence if you are doing mass printing to create corporate identity with 1 or 2 colours, this printing technique definitely is the most cost effective one to use.

Silkscreen is often the preferred printing method chosen for class tee, event tee, cap, windbreaker and towel. Always keep us in view if you are looking for class tee or event tee supplier, as we print your design on our highly comfortable material tee shirts or any custom shirts you will like to print your unique design on.

In conclusion, silkscreen printing is suitable if

  • You print in large quantity (Minimum 30 pieces), where cost of printing per piece is lower.
  • Your image does not have many colours as more screens will be required to produce a multi coloured image
    (It is recommended not to have more than 4 colours)
  • You require printing an image over a large area of the Tee Shirt such as A4 or A3 size.