Towel Embroidery Services

Innov Enterprise Pte Ltd provides custom design print via embroidery on our 100% cotton towels. No clue of how to get your customised towels done? Fret NOT! We are sharing with you on what you need to prepare before you get your hands on those embroidery towels! It is really as easy as ABC.

5 key items to gather:

  • Choose a towel size that you need. We provide 100% cotton towels with various colors for your selection. Go ahead and pick the towel model number.
  • Choose a towel color that best suits your print design.
  • Ensure that your print design is created out of solid color and in high resolution of 300dpi.
  • Advise us the positioning of the print design and print width in centimetres on the selected towel model.
  • Lastly, tell us how many pieces you need. The more you need, the cheaper per unit price!