Heat Transfer (Vinyl Prints)

This technique of print on T-shirts and apparels are used widely when you need to print multi colours or images that has many different colour tones. It is also more cost effective for small quantities below 30 pieces as the set up cost is low.

One way to identify Heat Transfer print is that after the print, it leaves a smooth and semi glossy layer on top of the apparel and the colour prints are usually vibrant, does not fade and may come in different colour tones as well.

It is also commonly used for printing of names and numbers on their jerseys and apparels.

How is pricing determined in heat transfer?

Pricing is based on the size of the print design from small logos to A4 and A3 Sizes.

In Conclusion, Heat Transfer printing is suitable if

  • If you only require to print small quantity (Minimum Order: 30 pieces)
  • You image or artwork has multiple colours or colour gradient.
  • You require printing an image over a large area of the Tee Shirt such as A4 or A3 size.