Safety Vest With Pockets

We provide hi visibility reflective safety vest that meets the EN471 Standards which puts them in the highest visibility whatever the weather condition.

The safety vests with pockets that we carry come in 3 different colours:




It is made up of 100% Polyester and are available in 2 sizes “Small” and “Large” with the following dimensions:

EN471 Safety Vest Sizes

It has comes with the following features:

  1. 1 zipper instead of velcro to secure the safety vest
  2. Ventilation holes to keep the body cool
  3. 2 Pockets on each side
  4. 1 hook hanger
  5. 1 Pocket for pens
  6. 4 reflective strips
  7. 1 Name Tag Holder to identify your company or your name

This is the ideal vest that has more pocket storage and allows you to save on printing on the left chest with a waterproof card holder to allow you identify yoursefl.

It is commonly worn by security officers, cleaners and construction workers where there are high safety hazard. It is best suited for workers on the roads to allow motorist and drivers to gain visibility of the them when they turn on their headlights during poor lighting in the daytime, night time or heavy downpour.

You can use silkscreen printing to print your company logo or designs on to the safety vest to identify them or for branding purposes.

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