Mirrorkote Sticker Printing

Mirrorkote Sticker has been very popular for online businesses or even corporations. Do you know why? It helps to showcase your message or corporate identity in an affordable way. It can be sticked onto paper bag, corporate gifts, custom products such as goodies containers, cake boxes, etc. It helps to create brand awareness in the long run. If you have design ready for print, feel free to contact us for a free quote now!

What details are required in order to proceed mirrorkote sticker printing?

  • Type of Printing

    – Offset or Digital

  • Printed in

    – Black & White or Full Colour

  • Print Side

    – Single

  • Actual Print Size

    – Standard Printing Size: 90mm x 54mm, A5, A4, A3 or Custom up to A3 Size

  • Material

    – 80gsm Mirrorkote Sticker

  • Finishing

    – Trim to size

  • Quantity

    – Let us know how many pieces you need in total

Mirrorkote Sticker Singapore

Namecard size Mirrorkote Sticker