Acrylic Displays

Acrylic displays are widely used by retailers, restaurants, office buildings and offices to display posters, important announcements, notices and even company signages.

Acrylic sheet is used instead of glass in many instances because of its strength, durability and resistance to climate. In comparison to glass, it is more flexible, lighter in weight, less breakable and is as clear as glass.

Other than being transparent, it can also come in translucent and opaque forms with different colours. It is widely adaptable and you can customised it into different shapes and sizes. Thus, it can be seen in furnitures, retail booths, storage and display solutions.

At Innov Enterprise, we provide display solutions base on you needs. Other than the standard size posters, we can also customise the acrylic displays to your required sizes.

Email us your requirements and we will come back to you as soon as possible.

Acrylic Sandwich FrameStandard Acrylic Sandwich Frame Display. We have standard sizes from A4 to A0 sizes. However, we can also fabricate the frames base on your required sizes.

Acrylic Pocket FramesAcrylic Pocket Frame Display allows you to change the posters without unscrewing the spacers. This make it easy if you are required to change the posters frequently.

Please email at or call us at +65 6250 0223 for more details about the Acrylic display that we have.